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icon Recent Projects: AMP
LightRay worked on the matte paintings and digital environment for AMP. We successfully replaced the Vancouver look, where this film was shot, into a furturist unknown city.

matte painting of factory in background
matte painting of a furturist city
matte painting furture city environment.
icon Recent Projects: Dream Flight
LightRay's artists created many matte paintings for the ground, skies, and clouds in the aerial sequences.

Go check out this film and our work!

matte painting of aerial ground
matte painting and environment of a jet fly over ground
matte painting sunset cloud
icon Recent News
MAY 29th
Historical Development of Chiayi Premiere
Historical Development of Chiay is a documentary produced by Bronze Visual Art for the opening of Southern Branch of National Palace Museum. LightRay worked closely with director KE Tzu-Chein to create matte paintings and digital environment shots to tell this old story of Chiayi.
JUN 26th
INCG workshop for history of Chiayi
INCG is the leading CG magazine in Taiwan. We are very honoured invited by INCG to give a workshop presentation for our recent project Historical Deelopment of Chiayi.